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How to build your own serverless URL shortener service

At Homeday Medium my college Mohamed Barakat gave an introduction to the URL-Shorterner Service which we realized within our Product Engineering Week (PEW).

I want to take the opportunity to write more in detailed regarding implementation details in our next PEW (March 2021)

24pullrequests retrospective 2015

As described in my blog post developer-advent-calender-2015 I wanted to give something back to the Open-Source-Community as a kind of a christmas present. So here there is a brief overview of the results. Long story short; No, I haven't reached my final goal of placing 24 PRs or above. But thats something I can aim at in 2016 though ^^

the projects

(I'll skip an introduction of each and every project, those can be found in the respective projects


12 PRs thereof 11 already merged (see here). Anyhow my intention for 2016 is to contribute more continuously rather then waiting until it is december.

The slightly different advent calender

Instead of opening calendar doors each day once again one can give little presents back to the open source community on You are encouraged to contribute on daily basis to one or more projects by sending pull requests (PR), the way of giving something back to the OS-World.


...since many developers rely and work on daily basis with frameworks and tools which are open, free and enhanceable(!). So it should rather be a duty and christmas is the perfect time to do so. Besides digging into new, unknown projects gives you a lot of new insights and you'll learn quite a lot from how others are solving problems.


I can conclude that my choosen strategy for last year was rather unsuccessful. I tried to contribute to a different project each day and ended up with round about 6 PRs. This is due to the high amount of work you have to actually put into understanding and get the project and its tests up and running. (This took like 2-3 hours for each of the projects bringing me to the state there I could actually start to work on my contribution. That was far to much I was able to spend after work each day ;)) So this year I will rather fokus on a smaller group of chosen projects, however trying to place several PRs for each project.

Happy Coding!

My progress can be followed here. Let's see if I am able to manage the challenge this year.